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Our Seller Services

Services applicable in the context of the sale of a property

From discovery of the project to finalization of the sale

We offer a personalized end-to-end service, from the development of your project to its final completion. Our specialized team is ready to offer you expert advice throughout the process of marketing your property to ensure a hassle-free and peaceful experience.

Specific sales strategies

We develop effective and tailor-made marketing and communication strategies, carefully choosing advertising means and promotional content to present your property in the best light.  We will detail for you the aspects of the sales contract, whether exclusive or ordinary, highlighting the benefits and possible disadvantages.

From promotion to legal information

We take care of producing professional quality visuals, and if appropriate, a 360 degree virtual tour or film of your property. We create and post targeted editorial ads adapted to each platform. We compile electronic brochures and comprehensive dossiers for prospective buyers, and oversee all legal procedures necessary for the sale, ensuring that all required information and documents are available.

Complete monitoring throughout the sales period

We respond to all customer requests for information quickly, within 24 hours. We validate the profiles of interested parties by examining in detail their project, planning and financial means. We organize visits taking into account your requirements. We regularly inform you about the progress of the visits and send you feedback from prospects. A report or inventory of sales is presented to you at least once a month.

At your side from the Offer until the conclusion of the Sale

We send you all the proposals received, always in writing, specifying the details of the buyer's profile and their financing to help you in your decision-making. Our objective is to defend your interests during negotiations, based on our analysis of the value of your property. We support you in the administrative and legal procedures, and liaise with the notaries to organize the preparation of the compromise and the signing of the deed of sale. We ensure that all the necessary documents are available and that signatures are affixed as quickly as possible. A technical visit and inspection of the meters are carried out before signing to ensure a peaceful transfer of ownership for both parties.

For more assistance or information on marketing your property, our platform remains available to answer all your questions.

A calm and efficient sale thanks to the exclusive Trust Mandate

The exclusive sales mandate turns out to be the most effective:

> 40% of successful sales come from exclusive mandates
> 77% of properties under exclusive mandate are sold in less than 3 months

> 33% of properties are sold without negotiation
> 90% of sellers who have signed an exclusive mandate are satisfied.


Selling within the framework of an exclusive mandate allows you to:

> Increase interest in your property: exclusivity creates scarcity and arouses additional enthusiasm for it, leading to up to 40% more contact requests.

> Control and maintain the sales price: this exclusivity creates an exceptional effect which helps to accelerate the sale at an optimal price, putting the buyer in a situation of negotiating only with the sole representative of the seller, who knows and controls the position of potential competing buyers.

> Take advantage of extensive visibility and promotion to target potential buyers both nationally and internationally.

> Master the presentation of your property: since the acquisition of real estate depends 30% on logic and 70% on emotion, we take care of the development of the texts and the production of photographs taking these aspects into account.

> Prevent any depreciation and loss of reputation due to the uncontrolled dissemination of information on various platforms and on the web: our objective is to make your property unique, presented in the best conditions by a single intermediary and at a single, very specific price.

> Offer reliability and save time by exclusively selecting serious and suitable purchasing candidates.

> Stay as close as possible to the sale and informed by receiving regular and transparent reports after each visit, based on a trusted partnership, as well as a detailed monthly sales report including visit statistics and an analysis of the market context on defined dates.

> Receive written and meticulously reviewed purchasing proposals, setting out clear terms. We evaluate the buyer's solvency and the stipulated conditions to provide you with an informed opinion on each proposal.

> Regulate access to your home and strengthen security: with identified buyers, visits supervised by a trusted representative, and secure management of your keys and your property.

> Simplify your interactions by dealing with a single advisor. Your designated agent will be responsible for protecting your interests and interacting with our internal colleagues or our partner colleagues who have interested buyers to present.

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