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Cap Ferret

Cap Ferret is a peninsula located on the Atlantic coast of France, in the department of Gironde. The history of the region dates back to antiquity, when the Romans established a trading port here. Over the centuries, Cap Ferret has become a place of fishing, maritime trade and vacation for the wealthy inhabitants of Bordeaux.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Cap Ferret began to attract artists and writers, who were seduced by the natural beauty of the region. The development of tourism accelerated in the 1950s, when the region became a popular destination for French and foreign holidaymakers.

Today, Cap Ferret offers many attractions for visitors. The region is known for its sandy beaches, sand dunes and pine forests. Water activities such as sailing, windsurfing and fishing are also popular. The area is also famous for its oysters, which are farmed in oyster beds along the Arcachon basin.

As far as real estate is concerned, Cap Ferret has experienced significant development in recent decades. Holiday homes and villas are very popular, but new developments have also sprung up. Many modern apartments have been built, as well as luxury villa and townhouse complexes.

The Cap Ferret real estate market is currently very dynamic. Real estate prices have increased over the years due to the growing demand for real estate in the area. For example, a villa with a sea view can cost several million euros, while a modern apartment can cost between 500,000 and 2,000,000 euros, depending on size and location.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cap Ferret real estate market remains strong. Investors and buyers continue to invest in the area due to its prime location, breathtaking scenery and potential as a top tourist destination. The Cap Ferret region has therefore been able to retain its natural charm while adapting to economic and social changes.

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